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The source text can be chosen from the popup menu, the number "7" can be changed using the distance slider, and the parts of speech to be replaced are chosen using the checkboxes. Got a question? Call us toll free at Today, still under the operation of Gazier's family, and in its original historical location, Janet's daughter Agnes continues the bakery's commitment to Gazair's quality and goodness. Valley Lahvosh, it's more than a cracker!

The unique size of Medium Rounds is perfect for heartier appetizers and snacks. Try topping a Round with your favorite grated cheese mixed with finely chopped onion, peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes. Top with more cheese and microwave for 2 minutes. Try adding shredded chicken and bell peppers. Perfect for everything! Valley Lahvosh complements all your favorite toppings! It is perfect for cheeses, dips, spreads and mousses, and is a terrific low-fat, no-cholesterol companion to soups, salads, everything!

Triscuit Crackers, Organic, Original. USDA Organic. Certified organic by CCOF. Thoughtfully grown organic wheat. We are mindful of what goes into our crackers. Our ingredients are selected to ensure they meet organic standards, then thoughtfully made for that distinctive Triscuit taste. Crispy and delicious. All natural with you in mind. Proudly supporting NFCA. National Federation for Celiac Awareness. We start with all-natural, wholesome ingredients such as tapioca, potatoes and eggs.

For added taste we blend in toasted onion, honey, salt and vinegar. Our delicious gluten free crackers are crispy and irresistible.

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Absolutely enjoy! Product of Israel. The Goods: No artificial colors.

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No partially hydrogenated oils. No high fructose corn syrup. Per 23 Pieces: calories; 0. Open for Good Thins! Behold the sweet potato a root vegetable with delicious appeal. And now, baked into a thin crispy snack. Good Thins The Potato One Sweet Potato has 4 g of fat per serving compared with 10 g per serving in the leading regular fried potato chip. Call Weekdays: Jacob's Cream Crackers - 7. Deliciously gluten free. Low sodium. With fair trade quinoa. GMO free. Our commitment: To create superior products, you must begin with the finest pure organic ingredients nature has to offer.

That is what we believe and practice. The vibrant red blooms of our organic and fair trade quinoa carry on the growing heritage that dates back 6, years in the Andean Cordillera of Bolivia. Each crispbread, with its pure organic ingredients, is then lightly toasted to capture the authentic quinoa flavor. When milled and combined with organic whole grain brown rice flour and just a touch of organic pure cane sugar and sea salt, a naturally satisfying taste is achieved.

Gluten Free: Certified gluten free and allergy friendly without gluten, dairy, egg, corn, soy or yeast. Produced at a dedicated gluten free facility to ensure full flavor and zero worry.

Nothing could be more natural and complementary than pairing them with soups, cheeses, hummus and antipasto. No: yeast, dairy, egg, wheat, corn or soy. Also available in Buckwheat and Chestnut!

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Made in dedicated gluten free factory. Stay-fresh packs. Product of France.

Manischewitz Egg Matzos Crackers - 12 oz. Made with: Amaranth. Try all the Sesmark varieties: savory rice thins, sesame thins, rice thins, mini rice crackers and multigrain Chips.


Our Sesmark Ancient Grains snack crackers are made with a recipe rich in whole grains, and a selected blend of ancient grains. We have also added flaxseed, the only grain rich in valuable Omega-3 fatty acids, and sesame seeds, vitamin Bi, and antioxidants. They contain less than 20 parts gluten per million, surpassing the standard required for gluten-free certification.

Our gluten free products are routinely tested using the Elisa method to ensure there is less than 20 parts per million gluten. Deliciously Crispy! New Look! A snack far from ordinary Wasa Flax Seed Crispbread. Net wt 7. Try it today with: Guacamole. Package paper. Paper recycling. For any comments or questions, call us at or visit www. Where you will find more product information and recipe suggestions. Nabisco 12 Packs. Oreo mini: calories per pack. Nutter butter bites: calories per pack.

Mini chips ahoy! Try these other amazing snack time solutions! Nabisco ritz bites cheese 12 packs. Nabisco mini nilla wafers 12 packs. EST Europe's no 1 gluten free. No fat. Non GMO. Preservative free. Lactose free.

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Doing good supporting celiacs. Taste adventure - try plain, with cheese, jam, hazelnut cream, fruit, endless possibilities. Creative menu ideas with crispbread: For a sandwich alternative or as a tasty hors d'oeuvre, crispbread is fabulous with sliced deli meats, tuna salad, cheese, fruit or even peanut butter!