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Marketing means many things to many different people, as communication styles vary from person to person.

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On a personal and professional level I might use Facebook and Twitter to engage people, while others would prefer phone or email. Because we identify with certain ways of connecting with people, and those that give the greatest sense of satisfaction. How does this relate to the small business owner? The biggest challenge to getting started is lack of clarity on what marketing efforts will mesh against larger goals, especially when the goals can be moving targets.

But do take a few minutes to cultivate your go-to-market around what audience is most important to your business and where you have the strongest value proposition, the greater story to tell. Avoid the shiny object that will take months to implement! This can be disappointing if you wanted to create a TV ad; but believe me, even large organizations with much larger budgets turn down ideas and programs.

There are also countless programs that give marketplace traction without costing you a dime. Phone number. E-mail address. Read more on this in Step 2—Breaking it Down. This is about defining and creating accountability. You never want to make Marketing a business liability. Marketing, even in larger organizations, is often the first budget to get cut when things get tough.

Because few know whether ad programs deliver real results. And wasted resources are costly. That said, here are a few rules of thumb that I have used to simplify the selection process. The other 20 percent goes to testing new programs and building brand awareness, which is always more challenging to measure unless you have access to user engagement studies from third party sources. Creating unique email addresses or phone numbers, including custom URLs for website links, and having promo codes are very simple ways to monitor your success and manage expectations.

The response rate to each, assuming you can track for each, will indicate what programs should be repeated, optimized or scratched from your master plan. Send to an approved, opt-in only email list or some of your closest friend and colleagues to ask questions about your product or service. Keep it under ten questions and allow those being surveyed to take it online or via a pre-paid comment card they can drop in the mail or leave behind at your business location.

This will come in handy when you try to build a frame of reference around your customer base. Get Scrappy Tip 5: Have a content strategy to drive repeat engagement with your product or service. In larger organizations, this is a full-blown content strategy inclusive of white papers, advertorials and such. For smaller organizations, this can be as simple as dedicating yourself, or someone on your team, to consistently post articles to your site about your business, manage a blog or alert the large internet population via Twitter when new blog posts are available.

Content is the element of making yourself indispensible to consumers. They can appreciate your ongoing dedication to meet their needs by engaging with them. Seek their opinion on topics, just as often as you push out your own. Tactics are undeniably the fun part of marketing.

The things we get to do after all the planning and finagling over what business priorities are. All organizations will likely agree on one thing though—the devil is in the details. Here is where taking even a few days to plan pays off. So, roll up your sleeves and create space for a checklist in your daily planner, notebook or self-identified work space to outline what marketing programs will be most useful in the next 30 days.

And the larger the marketing industry has grown, the more confusing it is—a cross-section of creative and communication tools. Besides including the above items, offline media is an effective brand awareness tool because it reaches in masses. Tell me more. Offline media also allows you to call attention to your online marketing channels, thus crafting a multi-media marketing approach and increasing your audience reach. Costs can vary significantly for each depending on a popularity consumer reach and b. Be practical and informed about what it will take to do any of the following.

That said, read on to learn more about what assets you will need, how reach is measured and what resources you will need to execute against each.

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As part of a marketing plan that includes online and offline media, newspaper advertising helps reach local prospects in a targeted, geographic area with minimal effort. Ad space in newspaper dailies and weeklies is often inexpensive and can be an effective vehicle for announcing retail store openings, celebrating business anniversaries, promoting special sales, and launching new products. Buys on a local or national level are available run-of-newspaper Remnant or by section.

Buys in national publications can also be tailored by county or zip code, if the publication is printed regionally.

Scrappy products coupon

Although you will probably want to start locally, you can also purchase newspaper advertising nationally Wall Street Journal, New York Times. This is more expensive, but the reach is much greater. Sunday print ads are often preferred due to higher readership than daily. Check with your target publications for their standard ad specs. Not only does it provide measurability number of phone calls, number of site visits , but it also incents your reader to DO something.

Note: For many newspapers, their online readership is in high growth mode and equal to or greater than their offline readership numbers. Some of the most effective ads also utilize white space to create more impactful focal points—the copy, the graphic.

Monitor ad effectiveness on a regularly— weekly, monthly. Is there a dedicated number? Test to verify calls can go through before the ad was submitted. Is your website up and running and able to take on any traffic surges, should the ad spark an overwhelming response? Although many magazines are struggling or going out of business, a specific publication may be worth considering as an advertising vehicle, particularly if the demographics of the publication are a good fit for your product.

Costs depend on frequency of insertion, though discounts may be available. Always ask, particularly if a first time customer or frequent buyer. You can factor in a 1. You must confirm the average reader is your target audience. Review the target publication s thoroughly before designing your ads. You might even want to post competitive ads on a wall board and see how your proposed ad looks in a side-by-side comparison.

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Ad sales departments may be willing to give you a special deal for last minute placements, assuming you have the right creative easily available. Maximize the mileage of your ad placement and let a prestigious publication rub off on your brand. Be sure to tout it! Before integrating Direct Mail into your larger marketing plan, you should test a variety of offers, creative executions and mailing lists with a subset of your target population before rolling out a full-scale program. Be prepared to test and measure by creating a simple Excel workbook, unless you have access to more sophisticated tracking tools.

Bonded Direct Mail house to send the mailing to the lists. Direct Mail programs can include postcards, coupons and flyers in bulk mailings. Check out Money Mailers for localized solutions.

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Instead, listen to the test results! Radio also has mass appeal.

The most common spot times are 30 and 60 seconds. In addition, 15 and 20 second spots are available and most commonly used to increase awareness for your campaign.

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Spots of seconds are available, if your message requires this additional time. However, a well written 60 will satisfy almost any message. Spots can be produced dry no music background or with music. Sound effects can be a good way to paint a picture for the audience.