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Save your favorite theaters. I just enjoy poking at oxymorons. Well done do you want a medal? Do you work for them? Seem awfully narked for no reason. Sorry to hear that you think you are. There are around cinemas in the UK, so there's a good chance you live close to one.

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And if you head down to your local multiplex or community cinema, there's also a high chance of seeing something extraordinary. Over a century after its invention, cinema continues to enchant every new generation with space epics, animated treasures, and action-packed adventures. However, attending cinemas could definitely be cheaper, there's no doubt about that. So how can you find the films you love at prices that let you watch them all on the big screen? This hotukdeals buyer's guide will explain everything you need to know to find cheap cinema tickets and all other cinema deals. When did cinema start?

It's actually a contested question, and numerous countries claim to be big screen pioneers. Historians generally agree that the Lumiere Brothers were the first to create a recognisable cinema experience for leisure , projecting moving images onto a white screen for Parisians in However, Berlin's Skladanowsky brothers also screened a big-screen show in , while the UK's William Friese-Greene is thought to have created the first moving pictures.

What's certain is that by the s, movie theatres were springing up across Europe, the United States, and even Australia Melbourne had one of the first in the world. Until the s, cinemas mixed live entertainment from musicians with on-screen action, due to the technical difficulties involved in mixing sound and vision.

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But this had been overcome by the mids. Live orchestras disappeared, films became longer, and movie stars needed to mix glamorous looks with vocal delivery. Colour was technically possible from the early s, but the cost of using techniques like technicolour meant that its introduction took 30 years or more. All the while, cinemas expanded and became more exotic, seducing customers with their architecture and atmosphere as much as the films they showed. Fortunes dipped a little in the 60s as attendance dropped, films struggled to meet quality standards, and TV emerged.

But the rise of a new breed of blockbusters starting with Jaws and the Godfather in the s brought cinema back to the forefront of urban life. In the 80s, smaller cinemas started to lose out to multiplexes, vast multi-screen complexes, generally located on the outskirts of towns. It's not rare to find complexes with 20 screens, and single screen operators nearby.

But the choice of films and the service on offer differs quite a lot — and that's what this buyers guide will help to explain.

Before you even think about heading to a cinema near you, it's essential to know what films are showing, when they are being screened, and information like their age ratings. All films have to be assessed and categorised by the BBFC the British Board for Film Classification , which divides them into the following categories:. May contain light violence and adult language. However, parents should note that drug use and sex may be briefly discussed but not portrayed.

Will contain more explicit sexual content and violence than 12's. R18 — Very rarely seen at mainstream cinemas, these films are restricted to licensed premises due to their extreme content. When checking the local listings, parents will want to keep those ratings in mind. As for listings, cinema fans have a few options when seeking out information. Google — As with many aspects of modern life, Google's search engine is a decent source of information about film times.

Search for a film by title and the engine will come up with times near you, and you can click through to brief descriptions with classifications and film durations. Clicking the times will usually take you to cinema websites where you can book online. Cinema Websites — If you have a favourite cinema brand, bookmarking their homepage is a great option.

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New releases should be clearly listed as soon as they appear, with quick booking and extra options for members see the section on memberships below. Timeout — Londoners can find up to date information and reviews of recent movies at Timeout's website , which is always a handy cinema resource. IMDB — The Internet Movie Database is the oldest and largest online film encyclopedia, and it's a superb resource for discovering new releases.

The upcoming films section provides advance warning about big titles, allowing fans to plan their cinema attendance, and every film has an incredibly detailed listing, with descriptions, cast, duration, and much more. In the past, most UK towns would have had an independent cinema or two.

Nowadays, the marketplace is more concentrated, and a few significant operators dominate the scene, with some exceptions. Here are the leading brands to look for when planning your viewing schedule:. Odeon — Wherever you are in the UK, there's probably an Odeon cinema within easy reach. This huge chain has been around since , and while its roster of properties has slimmed down in recent years, it still manages cinemas across the country.

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Famous for its discounted tickets , Odeon generally covers all of the current big-ticket films, with weaker coverage for foreign language or arthouse movies. Vue — Similar to Odeon in terms of the style of films it shows, Vue is actually even larger, managing over cinemas in the UK. Vue cinema sites tend to be multiplexes, even in urban centres, and there are 3 IMAX screens around the country, offering the most advanced cinema experience available.

Vue's cinemas have moved to a digital ticketing system in recent years, which can give their foyers an empty feeling, but it makes purchasing tickets faster than other operators. And, as with any other major chain, there are places to grab popcorn , Coke , or other soft drink before taking your seat. As with the Odeon, Vue cinemas are excellent places to redeem offers, and the Mini Mornings promotion is ideal for entertaining younger children at a very low cost.

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Picturehouse — Picturehouse has expanded rapidly in recent years, becoming one of the UK's number one alternative cinema chains. Not precisely an arthouse chain, Picturehouse shows most of the big films, but mixes them with foreign and left-field releases as well. There are only 23 Picturehouse locations 10 of them in London , but they do provide a great option in towns like Brighton, Exeter, and Norwich.

Cineworld — Another multiplex specialist, Cineworld is a global giant, running over 9, screens around the world. Based in the UK, it is the country's busiest chain, and also one of the most innovative, spearheading new technology like laser IMAX projectors. Discounts are common, especially on Discount Tuesdays, when half price Cineworld cinema ticket offers are routine.

Empire — Empire runs a range of multiplex sites across the UK. Deals are frequent at Empire locations as well, including free drink promotions and special cinema offers for seniors and kids.

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So check out the hotukdeals cinema listings before booking anything. Tickets tend to be much cheaper during the day, while Curzon's membership scheme also allows regular customers to make significant savings. Everyman — Another slightly left-field operator, Everyman runs 27 cinemas across the UK, and most have over 2 screens. Many of them have been purchased from other operators and refitted, upping the luxury level and adding features like food delivery to seats and craft ale bars.