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The decrease in FSI pages may be due to the increase in mobile couponing. Marketers are boosting their efforts to reach coupon clippers via mobile.

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    Holiday shopping weekends like Black Friday also give you a lot of exposure, but the costs for placement increase on these high circulation dates. Marketers have become more pressured to prove the ROI of their advertising spend.

    So don't forget a way to track your FSI marketing results. A coupon with a unique offer code makes it easy to report back how many have been redeemed. If you're not using a coupon, a unique website URL or dedicated phone number can also be used to track response rates.

    FSI Coupon Incentives Continue To Grow

    Don't make these mistakes on your next FSI marketing campaign. Make sure you work with a vendor who is familiar with printing and distributing free standing inserts.

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    • Topics: Franchise Marketing , Best Practices. How does FSI marketing work? Here is what Jones and other coupon experts see when they peer into their crystal ball:.


      So, it will be critical that marketers leverage the analytics available to optimize the right quantity and mix of direct-to-consumer print and digital coupon offers that will achieve improved activation across all retail channels and all consumer audiences.

      Thus, I predict that CPG marketers will better measure and evaluate their redemption results in to ensure brands and retailers obtain the sales lift, new user trial and increased market share benefits that well-executed coupon campaigns deliver. We anticipate that there will be continued optimization and evolution in the coupon industry in — following trends in Inmar will be reporting decreases for both overall coupon distribution and redemption in the Promotion Industry Analysis for While the Free-Standing Insert FSI volume numbers are down, FSI continued to dominate the share of coupon distribution, but only represented roughly a third of overall redemption.

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      Similarly, print-at-home coupons are also declining in both distribution and redemption. We anticipate that these methods will continue to decline in As marketers shift from traditional paper to digital coupons, we see increases in both digital distribution and redemption across food and non-food manufacturers.

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      We expect for digital coupon usage to continue growing at a fast pace in and beyond. Coupons are impactful on shopper behavior and continue to be actively sought out. I see a continued growth with digital coupons in ; however, traditional coupons will still play an important role for many manufacturers.